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June 06, 2006


Lauren; I happen to agree with this idea completely. I think that the customer-centric part of this is the key. I will post more on this tomorrow. I am digesting this and also some stuff about the Generous Web and a concept coined the Intention Economy by Doc Searls. I want to think some more before I post about it though.

Hi Lauren,

I did miss your point a little I think we're more in agreement than disagreement! This is all going to take time, I think practitioners are getting around to it. But like everything else it'll probably take longer than we think.

Kind Regards

The tools we use as communicators are changing and evolving. The way people receive data is changing and evolving. The way we start conversations today is changing and evolving. All this feels like evolution to me. ;) The key thing that doesn't change, which keeps, imho, us from revolution, is that we are all interested in telling stories, simply in new ways and venues.

Yes, there is evolution taking place for tools, but for us to be successful it will take a revolution in thinking.

But I don't think the fundementals have changed a great deal. Escaping the shackles of 40 years of press agentry is no bad thing.

I find that the tennets of PR the same now as they were when I started 40 years ago.

Updating my ePR lecture was not hard this year (adding the podcasts was tedious but worth it).

The rules have not changed since 1999!

Right...but no one is following the rules; at least not the same ones.

"We are almost out of time" for a compromise, warned President Barack Obama as U.S. financial markets trembled at the prospect of economic chaos next week.

but no one is following the rules; at least not the same ones.

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