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July 21, 2006



I am really enjoying reading about your journey to APR accredidation! I hope someday to go through the process myself, and it is helpful to be able to learn more about it through your eyes. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences.

Thanks also for the comment on my blog! I have already experienced enormous growth through the "virtual mentoring" you talked about, and that is one of the things I love about the PR blogosphere.

Internal communication (between PR counselors) is vital to the growth of our industry. I am happy to share and thrilled someone else is able to benefit from my contribution!

I am glad it was appropriately punished. I don't work in a big agency, i am an independent, so I don't have any insight into how agencies bill, but I know how I do it, and there is no padding there, so for others to muddy that up is pretty irritating indee

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