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July 30, 2008


Cooperative communications? Good luck!! I keep on running into the ad agency that doesn't know what PR firm is doing which doesn't understand what the social media company does which isn't involved with the ad agency.

I don't know why. Fear of losing business? Giving away secrets? Holding onto a belief that their segment is them most important?

I don't know, but it seems to be unprofessional and hurtful to the client. But oddly, the client is often the one that sets the tone and sets up the relationships this way.


You are right on every count. So, how about a reboot of industries and client? I am thinking we are in need of a flood. Ark anyone?

Lauren. A big thank you for linking to the slidedeck. It's part of a discussion of ways to define the new PR that might better communicate the essential differences; ie not simply online pr but p2p pr (short hand, p2pr). Feisty debate happening on that post right now. Join it?

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