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July 23, 2008


The inaugural Fort Worth Social Media Club was super fun! Great to meet everyone.

Per the above instruction, I expect the FWSMC to grow and be like the Austin and Dallas equivalents - People connecting, sharing ideas, both fun and business goals. I am always interested in hearing how people make use of Wordpress, Twitter, BrightKite, etc.

To all in attendance at last night's event: Write to me ronin691 [at] yahoo dot com, Follow me http://twitter.com/ronin691 or watch me run around in real time http://brightkite.com/people/ronin691 ( Brightkite uses the FireEagle and oAuth APIs by the way - w00t! )

I had a good time last night with the group. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet everyone though. I hope to fix that at the next meeting(s). As for expectations, I hope SMC Ft. Worth people will continue to share ideas, thoughts, successes and failures with each other as we grow.

Now, I'll follow Todd's format:

write, richie.escovedo [at] gmail
follow, http://twitter.com/vedo
read, http://nextcommunications.blogspot.com/

Ditto here, it was great to meet new people. I can be found as gadgetvirtuoso on my networks including: Jaiku, twitter, brightkite, flickr, Yahoo, AIM, skype and the list goes on. Of course you can always email matthew at gagdetvirtuoso dot com.

I really think that it can get interesting... I just wish that there was more of a social event, rather than a sit at a table and talk to the 3 people around you kinda thing...

But alas, I think that once things quiet down and more people show up, the networking will commence and people can figure out what to do.

Btw, how does one speak at such events... and what are some of the upcoming topics? Does the SMC have a location specific section for collaboration?


You weren't the lone developer...meet Todd above. Also, this was an informal meet and greet session to discuss what people are looking for in the group. Future topics include case studies from high profile companies in DFW and new application demos. We will meet in mid-cities location...most likely a board room in HEB hospital or other office venues. Please return...we will be in a more quiet environment.

Everyone around me wanted to talk about Twitter ( "It's stupid! Why should I use it?" "How can I use it for business?", etc. ) so it was more than a meet and greet, we geeked out too.

Gotta start somewhere, if we're gonna grow to be like the ones in Austin and Dallas. I think it was a good idea to not have an agenda and just let people hang out for the inaugural meeting.

If enough people find value in it, I volunteer to do a whole presentation on the Ralph Wiggum of Social Networks: Twitter

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