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January 12, 2009


Insightful post. We recently hosted a customer service training in our school district.

Best take-away for me were the fundamental needs of a customer: To feel welcome; To be understood; To retain dignity; To obtain assistance; and To be valued.

I think my kids need the same things.

Thanks for the post.

Funny, when I read your lines about engineering sweepstakes I thought of the equivalent of telling your child to please go play outside... how did it get to delaying the moment when we could actually spend time with our customers?


Good question! I don't think we should blame technology...I think it is the human desire and greed for instant gratification that metastasized into this issue.

It's nice to know that you as a parent can still find time to spend with your kid, so many of us burn the candle at both ends, forgetting what is really important.


Oh, I burn the candle at both ends...trust me! Still trying to figure out the elusive work/life balance.

Looking for some blogs about customer relations tips led me here. I like that line you've shared from Tim Russert. The customers value the time we spend building a bond with them just as we build our bond with our kids. Do you agree that this relationship building stage helps businesses mature?

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