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October 02, 2009


Take your time adjusting to your new life, new blog, new job, new town, new... OK, it stresses me out just to list all of them! For us, it was just new house and new job, and I LOVE them both, yet I feel the stress in my body!
Love, M

Lauren - thanks for once again showing that is is ok (and quite frankly preferred) to be human with real emotions, passions, and distractions. As you know I have come to appreciate your writings, thoughts, and tutelage. Congratulations on the many life changes and hope this adjustment period is a one of growth, love, and learning. I look forward to seeing what is next for you to share and with this blog.

Change can be a scary word to accept, as we are creatures of repetition; we do not welcome the idea of change because we reject what we don’t understand. People reject what they fear and the concept of change forces one to think of a plethora of negative possibilities. Even though you are altering many aspects of your life, remember that you are making these decisions for a reason and most of the time; a change is in your best interest.

Change will open your eyes to a surplus of possibilities; it allows you to see things that you would have never even considered prior to making the plunge. Just keep in mind, the key to a successful change is to let go of the fear.

Social media is a fantastic tool to discuss your trials and tribulations; however, if you feel that the “pariah’s” as you stated, will “tweet about your failures”, use a pseudo name. This way you will be able to voice whatever it is that needs to be addressed without being criticised or dealing with back lash.

Remember that you love what you do Lauren; not very many people can say that about his/her job and you are definitely one of the lucky ones. Life is a journey and changing various pieces of your life can definitely be a lot to handle at times, but remind yourself of the big picture and that everything happens for a reason. Reflection is a blessing, it allows you to take a step back and acknowledge issues that you may have once been blinded by.

To end my comment, I figured it would be suiting to end with a quote that I find very inspirational and will hopefully help you on your journey through change:

“Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” – Keri Russell

I am glad it was appropriately punished. I don't work in a big agency, i am an independent, so I don't have any insight into how agencies bill, but I know how I do it, and there is no padding there, so for others to muddy that up is pretty irritating indee

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