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May 26, 2006


This is conscientious capitalism. Nothing wrong with Edelman snatching good talent when it sees it. They are that good right now, they are getting the $. The other publicly traded big boys are constantly buying up talented and money making agencies. I've never heard anyone ask if Omincom or IPG is ruining the biz.

You are right though, not enough to use the new toys, you need to invest back in your people. I don't know anything about Edelman's internal development. But I do know that because they are independent and not beholden to shareholders they have more freedom to spend money on their people.

Consolidation goes on in every industry -- from the funeral industry to automotive to windows to consumer goods. Why should PR be any different?

Our industry (PR, adv, etc.) is so fragmented and consists of firms of all sizes. So, there are plenty of smaller fish in the sea to be gobbled up by large firms like Edelman. That's fine.

Just like that old saying, if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. (Well, that's my business version, anyways.)

-- Mike

Well... The phrase "giving back" assumes that something was "taken away," but that's for another discussion... *8-)

Staff education is about one-third of what I do at Edelman (specifically with regard to web-related stuff). I can assure you that there's a *lot* of attention paid to training our folks. I'm pretty much in charge of that middle part of the Venn diagram where "tools," "training," and "talent" overlap and intersect.

To that end, I've traveled the US region, encouraged colleagues who have done the same in their own regions (like Guillaume du Gardier), and worked on a number of distance-learning initiatives.

Contrast that with any number of shops that follow the "if-it-moves-bill-it" philosophy. This is a serious investment that the company is making in training its people.

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