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April 07, 2007


Those zany little marshmallow peeps,
Oh how they give me the creeps,

It stems from an encountered with a peep in the wild,
I still have the scare from when I was a child,

By no means is a marshmallow my favorite treat,
Unless it is on a stick while a campfire provides the heat,

These wonderful tests do provide peep knowledge and insight,
But knowing a college graduate put this together is a fright,

Be careful and wary or a peep may climb unknowingly into you basket,
And incase you needed to know it would take 12,967.5 Hershey Kisses to put me in the casket,

Rhyme Master

I am laughing so hard...you are reading this in class. Great work, but this will not count for your chapter jingle!

Oh Miss Vargas you hurt me with your doubt,
I thought you were aware that making comments is what I am about,

So disturbing was the faith in Rhyme Master J that I felt you lack,
You forced him in to an early comeback,

This little ditty I posted on your blog,
Was just one of many on that day I did log,

For every classmate received a rhyme as their blog I observed,
After all the hard work that is the least they deserved,

All comments were prior to their jingles,
It was on one of their other hit singles,

Why because that is how I role,
Posting comments and rhyming is in my sole,

Rhyme Master J

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