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November 08, 2007


Live blogging, or rather, live twittering an event is a primary benefit and excellent use for Twitter. So, mark me in the "pro" category.

Twittering an event is not going to factor in the reasons why someone is not attending an event. It can only help promote -- and show how valuable the event is so more attend the next time (ideally).

That said, like anything you get from a single-source, you should have a grain of skepticism. Don't take it as gospel. It's still valuable, but if you question something or later hear a different report, check it out.
-- Mike

Live blogging is not stealing. They put it out there in the public domain... Keep up the good work.

Attendance at a conference offers a number of benefits, one of which is the sessions. There's also in person networking oppty that you only get if you go.

When we read someone's liveblog or twitter stream of an event, we are getting their notes, their perspective of the conference. If we want it "undiluted" we generally have to go ourselves.

So, in my book, liveblogging or tweeting sessions is perfectly legit and a great way to spread the content even farther. *Unofficial* video or audio on the other hand, that I would be opposed to.

Thank you for the feedback. I agree that Twittering or live blogging is a form of knowledge share. In fact, I think such practices are the responsibilities of professionals. I needed to hear the A-OK from the professionals.

I suppose I will need to get out and about so I can get more practice! Did I already mention I asked Santa for a flipcam?

I agree with Geoffrey - it isn't stealing. However, I got into a sticky situation once. IN a public forum, a conference plenary, a representative of a government agency was talking about evaluation reports for some federal grants that were mandated by congress and how they weren't as important as some of the anecdotal information -- I twittered it. The moderator, who knew that I was blogger/twitter, said to the audience Beth Kanter probably just twittered that and pointed to me. After the session, the government person came up to me and asked me if I did twitter it and if I could delete. We got into a big debate -- because she made the statement in a public forum. Of course, I doubt if congressional aids scan twitter. I deleted it because she was so paranoid ,.

Thank you so much for twittering the event - I did much of the twittering for Graphing Social

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