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July 21, 2008


This is a great way of approaching PR. I have used the analogy before with our news items: "How do we want to tell our story."

This is NOT the same as trying to get out "our side of the story" that sounds too much like spin. Storytelling should be woven into the fabric of a successful communications program. Humans are hard-wired for storytelling . Excellent post.

McKee is one of my favorite teachers. I read "Story" a couple of years back and I am thinking it's about time to get back into it. We change as our story changes and we take in information differently at various stages of our life.

So do people at various stages of their careers and in different jobs. The cookie-cutter approach is increasingly providing diminishing returns.

There is a place for releases as the invitation to begin or participate in a conversation. Sure. It is a starting point, though, not *the* point of PR.

Thank you for the kind mentions, Lauren.

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