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December 24, 2008


Lauren, this is a great reflection on 2008. I've learned a lot and met some truly amazing people!

As for #8, I was WAY in the minority and I still found a way to contribute (albeit is a little snarky at times). I think it's about adding a real voice, being passionate (no matter your beliefs/opinions) and not attacking people for their's.

Looking forward to spending 2009 with you and meeting you in TX! :)

As my mother used to say to me:
"Edward, I've forgotten more than you'll ever remember."

My admonition that I may have learned a lot but I've yet a lot to learn. :)

Your #5 spoke to this Edward. I've always maintained that if people "don't get it" I'm likely the culprit impeding their ability to do so. That, I get. ;)

Nice reflexive post, Lauren.

Beth-real voice without attacking is key no matter the situation!

Ed-Too true...when I start feeling that way, I need to get out of their way! So wise...

As always, Lauren, you are spot-on with strategy being important, authenticity as key, and tossing the titles.

I await for more.

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