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December 01, 2008


I don't know how to answer this one. My first thought after reading your post and the general reaction was the same as yours: disgusting.

But, if you look at her "Favorite Things" show as an escape, items to dream over, then I'll bet the show was probably a disappointment. People who are looking for an element of escapism, and maybe not being reminded every minute of every day how awful things are may look forward to a reckless indulgence show. (My hint: turn off the TV. Completely. I'm happier when not constantly bombarded with "the economy it is teh suck" constantly thrown at me!)

That said, she is a thought leader and very aware of her public image. If she'd done another over the top show, with the TV in the fridge type of items, my guess is the outcry would have been huge.

If nothing else, she is a savvy communicator.

Oprah you look good i feel happy cause she looks more healthy now that when she was plus size and she always had a beautiful face as well.

The O is awesome!

Cependant, la colline s'est effondrée au cours de le son développement en tant que confortable sol sensible sous la colline n'a pas fait appui il.

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