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February 02, 2009


Great post! I've always felt there's only one difference between those who try and those who don't: the ability to ignore the negative voices in your head. We all have them. Even the most successful, risk-taking person has her demons.

So good for you Lauren for taking a chance and paving your own way! I look forward to hearing what you're up to.

Thanks, Kellye! I will post details soon! ;)

Believe me EVERYONE is starting over.

Remember the saying "The Internet changes everything"?

It has. This is it. No rules from the past apply. All models have to be rethought.

The new currency is re-thinking.

@Rotkapachen I don't look at it as starting over, but embracing who and what I am. I do like the statement, "The new currency is re-thinking." Especially for corp comm...

Lauren and Rotkapachen - I would go one step beyond re-thinking and I'd say re-imagining (borrowing from Tom Peters). Cookie cutter does not cut it anymore - "beta" was always part of life. Now it caught up with work. Looking forward to reading what you're up to.

@Valeria - Lauren Vargas "Beta"...I like it!

If you can change your organization from inside a cubicle, you understand real change. You can do it. You're still unique.

@Skaareworks: Change evangelists come in every color and size...and at every level in the company. Senior leaders need to recognize this.

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