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February 26, 2009


Funny how every few decades the definitive "This new ___________ technology will be the end of civilization!!!" rant comes out - dating back what, 100 years?"

The telegraph of 1897 was a "tool of the devil" and its ability to instantly send information will overwhelm the morale human mind...

...At least that's what the the owners of then then lucrative Pony Express letter service wanted us all to think.


Same doom and gloom edicts were proclamated for the telephone, radio, television and that newfangled thing called teh interwebs, which we all know to be a series of tubes.


Great post! Embrace new tools. Participate in their development and make them work *FOR* you! Ignore fear monger Luddites that wish everything would stay as it is ( That way they never have to learn new things ).


"...These companies make it easy for you to snack on their content..."

Snack on their content? Ummm...ew.

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