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March 02, 2009


First of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Second, I look forward to your tweets, as you navigate the Boston PR/social media world. Best wishes, Lauren, on your brave new journey!

Thank you, Linda! I will come back to DFW often to visit...promise.

Oh, I'm late to the party, but boy am I thrilled for you! I've known of your desire for a fresh start for some time, and I am so excited that you will be a mere 5 hour drive from my doorstep. Yet another reason why I must visit Boston this year. Congratulations on your decision. I have every confidence that you will find meaningful work in your new home. (PS, Call on me when you and Leo need tips on dressing for snow. Being in Montreal, I'm an expert!)

Adele, Leo and I will need a lot of advice in prepping for cold weather! A whole new wardrobe for our family is necessary...perhaps I should start buying in off-season?

Thank you for well-wishes! Now that we will be closer, no excuse for serious road trips!


Congratulations to both of you on the engagement! It's nice to see someone moving to Boston from Texas-- we got sick of colonizing your (soon to be ex) state with our social media nomads.

looking forward to your joining our Boston community!

Doug - That is funny...so I have heard!

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