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June 08, 2009


I think of it as loving honesty & positive realism... I can't stand it when people in my field try to scare consumers into buying more than they need; creating fear is not an uplifting action and is not going to create an uplifting result.

I also agree that there are times to release a client or create a space for them to release you - I think most people feel that intuitively but act out of some fear or sense of scarcity...I try to remember that whatever extra time/energy I'm spending trying to keep a client that really needs to go could be much better spent on a old or new client that wants my time.

I still fall into the over-promise trap a bit - and that's my one of my business goals this summer, to only promise what I have time to deliver. I think as women we want everyone to be happy so we agree to deadlines we're nervous about... then everyone suffers! If one does it in everyday life they probably carry the practice over to their business; hopefully making the change in one area can help in the other.

A friend suggested to me about two years in that I should have business policies - definitely would recommend those from the start. If you don't have a clue where to begin she suggests, "Think of everything that p*^^es you off and write about how you want to handle it!" Great advice!

Found you through @ConversationAge - thanks for the great post!


Thank you! Totally agree that I sometimes fall into the over-promise trap because I want to keep everyone happy, but if I am not happy or pleased with my work, no one else will be happy!

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