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June 10, 2009


I'm bias, but...

Would rather you use Wordpress to open up design choices. Word press has a million "plug and play" design themes, majority are stunning, elegant, beautiful. Type Pad has 2? And the current theme is one of them?

Second, commenting needs to be more robust. Don't have a favorite, but stock TypePad commenting engine is weak.

Finally, blogs are not the be all end all - Wonder if you would get more value in dedicated Lanconia build that generates blog posts as well all converse and interact.


Great suggestions, Todd. I am wary of moving over to WP...scared of losing Google juice. I have used WP to set-up all other blogs outside of CA and enjoy WP. May end up feeding blog into general site...end result will be much more than a blog!

I'm one of those that rarely goes to the actual blogs these days because I get everything in my RSS reader. The only times I go to the blog is to comment =) or grab the URL for bit.ly sharing. One thing I do like is having a comment system where you can choose whether to be updated on subsequent comments. Sometimes I want to know, but other times I'm just stopping by to say "Good Post!" and don't need to know followups.

I personally don't use Wordpress but have heard great things about it but understand your concerns! Looking forward to seeing the changes!

Another addition! I like being able to leave comments signed in through Twitter. Since many people learn about blogs through Twitter its nice to connect comment to Twitter @

This is the one I see most of - http://disqus.com/

Lauren, I use and have had success with Disqus over on my blog. The new "Reactions" from Twitter are quite revealing and helpful.

One of the things I like about CA (and other Typepad blogs I frequent) is it's clean design and straightforward layout where the content is the most important thing.

I'd be interested in what you come up with if you feed blog into general WP site. My $.02


I dig your two cents...in my book, it is priceless!

Disqus is definitely on my list. I will continue to keep clean design because content is queen in my book, but will be adding additional pages to support my business.

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